About me

Hello I’m Becca!

Welcome to my my sewing (and general-making-things) blog.

I have been sewing clothes now since March 2015 and I love it! I find it amazing that I can create a piece of clothing, not only made by my own hands, but that I love to wear. It turns out that I’m a bit addicted and I now find myself walking through clothes shops and instead of trying things on I am busy eyeing up the construction of the various pieces of clothing or checking out the quality of the stitching. How did this happen?! I love shopping!

Although dressmaking is a more recent passion, other forms of creativity have been bubbling away since I was little. I loved cross stitch and embroidery as a teen, although, at the time not a cool thing to be into. Hidden away to be worked on whenever I got free time, it got nicknamed my ‘dirty little secret’ by one of my friends at uni! Since having kids these creative juices seem to have increased and I can now throw knitting and a bit of photography into the mix.

As a Christian I believe that God is the ultimate creator and that it’s His creative spirit in me that gives me my love of making. It seems to me there is this innate drive to create, a kind of soul-satisfying endeavour, which is shared by so many, as evidenced by the huge number of sewing and making blogs out there on the web!

Since starting out I have found sewing to be an investment of time and energy that pays in joy, fun and refreshment (with occasional tears and frustration thrown in for good measure…) I reckon a hobby that gives all of that is worth writing about. So here we are, my blog.

Just in case you wanted to know a little more about me… I’m married to Mike and we have three wonderful and beautiful daughters, Chloe-Grace, Anna and Ivy who are a consistent source of delight along with the usual parenting trials of sleep deprivation and a messy house. We live in Birmingham, UK and have done ever since starting medical school here in 2002. Mike is a doctor and I am a full time mum. Life is full and busy – just as it should be.

Chloe and Anna


I’d love for you to join me on my journey. A good place to start is my ‘made and making‘ page to see my gallery of makes, plus what’s on my ‘to sew’ list. Otherwise head over to the blog to find out what my latest project is…