Some selfless knitting – King Cole 4087

So a quick little post today to show you all the completed jumper that I made for the husband. He’s 6ft 3″ – so finding jumpers in the shops that are long enough in the body and have long arms is a real challenge! Perfect when your wife can knit you a bespoke, custom made jumper then. Hmm. He’s been asking for me to knit him a jumper since I learnt 4 years ago and it’s taken me a while to comply…. I mean, knitting something so big, in a neutral colour (at his request) just wasn’t as exciting as knitting fun little things for the girls. So it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a while. Then I stumbled across this pattern, King Cole 4087, over on Love Knitting. I really liked the shape and texture… and that its for chunky yarn!! So I promptly ordered it along with this […]

Completed King Cole 4087

My troublesome Davie dress 2

A stretch too far I’m gonna keep this post short as this dress has already taken up more of my life than I would like…. I am pleased with the final result. It is not in the slightest bit perfect, but it nearly got scrapped so many times that I am just pleased that I actually have something wearable out of it! The big overriding issue here was fabric choice. I chose it because I liked the colour. Not dissimilar to how I might chose a car. Same problem occurs though – colour doesn’t necessarily mean the chosen item will fulfil the requirements that are asked of it. More and more as I sew the biggest take home lesson is fabric choice. Anyway, this one was a viscose jersey, in emerald green. My favouritest of colours. It was super stretchy and fine and the weight of it stretched the panels of the dress […]

My ‘summer’ jumper 1

Ok, so I’m not the fastest knitter in the world. But even I thought I would have a chance of finishing this jumper (started in April) for at least part of the summer. Nope. Final stitch was October. Hmmm, nevermind. It’s been a mild October and I have worn this loads. I love it and its my first ever jumper, for me anyway. Knitted plenty of kids woolies but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I didn’t want to make anything for me until I knew I could do it justice. This is probably my best work yet, which is always encouraging. I wholeheartedly credit the pattern for this though as it is literally created with my measurements. I came across this particular pattern after taking a Craftsy class, Knit to flatter by Amy Herzog. This is a really helpful class with lots of information on how to make the most of […]

My first post…

Hello and Welcome to my site! It is great to finally be live and ready to receive visitors! My desire to start a blog began in early summer and it has taken me a good few months to get everything up and running – but I am really excited to be at this point now. The journey so far…. As with so many, it was my mum who got me started when she bought me a sewing machine (which she happened to see in Aldi whilst doing her weekly shop – gotta love that middle aisle!) It was around the time that I had daughter number two, Anna. Even with the best will in the world, after a hemming a curtain or two and making the odd bit of bunting, the duties of motherhood soon took over and the machine sat in the loft. During this time however I learnt how to […]