It’s coat weather…so I’m making a coat

Finally I get to mark the beginning of my new and very exciting project – I’m gonna make a coat!

Ice blue melton

It all started with my birthday which was back in November when I got some birthday money to spend. I need a new winter coat. Mine is over 5 years old and needing more than a little tlc. I have buttons missing, the lining is ripped and on top of all that I now realise (thanks to dressmaking) that it is a really bad fit on me! I seem to have quite a short waist and so the waist of this fitted coat is hitting my hips – not the most flattering of looks.

I love shopping and even though these days I rarely buy anything, I get tonnes of inspiration from window shopping. I did have a brief look for coats – however the spark of an idea had already planted itself. I knew I wanted to make my coat and so my heart wasn’t really in it. Needless to say I didn’t find anything that called out to me and shortly after returning home I was scouring the internet for fabric and patterns. Actually – let’s be honest, I didnt make it home before I did this – I totally looked on my phone whilst out having lunch.

Clare Coat -Envelope cover

To my delight I saw that Heather over on Closet Case Files had just released her ‘Clare Coat‘ pattern and specifically states that as coat sewing is so much fun she has aimed this design with all sewing levels in mind so that even the beginner sewist can tackle making outer wear! How perfect!

Never have I been so methodical and organised! But with 19 pattern pieces you need to keep tabs on everything!

Never have I been so methodical and organised! But with 19 pattern pieces you need to keep tabs on everything…

What makes this pattern even more exciting is that it really closely resembles an old coat from Topshop that I have worn to death – but kept, hoping that I can replicate one day. I just love that funnel collar! So I snapped up the pattern in the Black Friday sale and (after many swatches) I evetually settled on an ice blue wool melton for my main fabric with a royal blue viscose satin for my lining – both from Stone Fabrics.

ice blue melton with royal blue viscose lining


I was itching to get started before Christmas but I just couldn’t find enough time. I did manage to print and stick together the 70 PAGES of pattern! Phew. Now I have finally got everything cut out I cant wait to start stitching next week. I will keep you posted!


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