Some selfless knitting – King Cole 4087

So a quick little post today to show you all the completed jumper that I made for the husband.

(Isn't he a handsome chappy?!)

(Isn’t he a handsome chappy?!)

He’s 6ft 3″ – so finding jumpers in the shops that are long enough in the body and have long arms is a real challenge! Perfect when your wife can knit you a bespoke, custom made jumper then. Hmm.


He’s been asking for me to knit him a jumper since I learnt 4 years ago and it’s taken me a while to comply…. I mean, knitting something so big, in a neutral colour (at his request) just wasn’t as exciting as knitting fun little things for the girls. So it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a while. Then I stumbled across this pattern, King Cole 4087, over on Love Knitting.


I really liked the shape and texture… and that its for chunky yarn!! So I promptly ordered it along with this yarn in charcoal which was pleasant to work with and super cheap – ensuring that this jumper came in at under £20! Win.

I would really recommend this pattern, it includes sizes for children and a hoodie version too. It’s simple and the pattern repeat was easy to memorise perfect for an evening blobbing in front of the telly. Also because it is a chunky yarn it grows really quickly which I find so satisfying at the end of a knitting sesh!


My husband was in between sizes so I sized down as he prefers things to be a bit fitted and not too baggy, knowing that I would be lengthening the body and sleeves by a good 3-4 inches. I actually could have done another inch on the sleeves as they still have a tendency to ride up. But overall I really like the fit. And so does he – although he hated having me put a camera in his face for these pics. The price you pay for having a hand made jumper 😉


In other news, do you remember the Simplicity Sewing Challenge I entered in the summer? I received highly commended for my entry! (you can see the final results here. Big congratulations to all the winners!)

My daughter’s coat is finally done – so yet more to get you all caught up on! Looking forward to sharing this one though so it’ll probably jump the queue!

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