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Two blog posts in one week!? I know crazy eh! I have been making so much recently that blogging has fallen behind and I wanted to catch you up a bit. This one is a simple one – yep I have jumped onto the Moneta bandwagon. And what a wagon it is.

Moneta dress Colette Patterns

I’ve been eyeing up the many different versions that have been cropping up on my instagram feed… My slight hesitance in going for this pattern is that I wasn’t sure I wanted anything too clingy around my tummy. And I’m never entirely convinced about waisted dresses on me.

But then this fabric arrived. I did a big order at fabworks back in the spring for both me and my mum. This fabric was part of her order and when it arrived I had major fabric envy. I loved the big bold floral design and the texture of the fabric which you can see it a bit better in the picture below – a bit like a crepe. Happily mum wasn’t convinced that the fabric was what she wanted and was more than happy to pass it onto me! Win!

Material for moneta

The fabric is quite thick and almost bouncy with a good amount of stretch and drape – but NOT clingy, so it convinced me that I should give this pattern a go. I made a size small and graded out to a medium on the waist. The pattern has the finished measurements included and has negative ease (as in the finished garment is smaller than your measurements and is supposed to stretch to fit). I decided I wouldn’t need to make a muslin as being a stretch fabric it would be more forgiving.

Moneta Dress

This fabric was also a dream to sew! It pressed well and as it was stable for a knit, it didn’t stretch out. Due to it’s springy-ness the stitches sunk in which seemed to give them some added stretch. I have no worries about popped seams on this one! I made it up as per instructions (which were clear and well constructed). The only deviation I made was to use shirring elastic in the bobbin to gather the skirt rather than the clear elastic suggested by the pattern. This was simply because reading up on a few blog posts seemed to reveal that this step was a bit tricky and I found that others had more luck this way. It worked ok but I suspect it would have worked better on a thinner material – on mine the gathers were so bulky I had issues getting it to work, especially when attaching the skirt to the bodice. Next time I’ll definitely give the clear elastic a try. The other added benefit of clear elastic is the support that it gives to the waist seam. I wasn’t sure my zigzag stitch was quite up the stresses of being stretched every time I put it on or off so I got my twin needle out to reinforce the seam. This worked great and in the end and it seems pretty stable.

Pattern placement

I did try to think through pattern placement for the bodice and went for the triangle of flowers on the front to (possibly?!) give the appearance of a smaller waist!! The back is different placement but similar idea. I really like the resulting dress and I have worn it lots this summer. I will definitely make more – probably some for the autumn to wear with boots and tights! A great little pattern and one I would definitely recommend!

Floral Moneta Dress

Also how cool is it that print of my dress matched my surroundings on holiday with a red hibiscus plant and palm leaves surrounding the pool! Ideal photo opportunity, non?!


That’s my holiday makes all summed up. Since then I’ve been sewing up a storm of little bits for my kidos plus some presents – some of which I’ll blog I’m sure! For now I’m moving onto sewing a wedding outfit for my friends wedding next week which is a mix of pattern and self drafting – something I’ve not done before. Hoping the result is at least wearable… watch this space!

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