Papercut Saiph Tunic x 2

You get two for the price of one today! My two rather different Saiph Tunics from Papercut Patterns.

Two Saiph TunicsDespite my best intentions it’s rare that I use a pattern more than once. I think it’s because I’m still learning about what suits my body shape as well as my style and of course being side tracked every time I see a new pattern release….! I tend to prioritise the ‘new’ rather than working on fit and finding that tried-and-tested, works-every-time pattern. I am hoping with this one that I will keep tweaking as I find the relaxed style very ‘me’ and I can see it as something I could adapt to wear in any season.

Velvet Saiph circle skirt

I fell for this pattern when I saw Helena’s version over on Gray all Day made in a beautiful double gauze (I also fell for her moto jacket and may have treated myself that pattern too – although I have no idea when I will take on that particular challenge!). There have been some other fantastic versions sewn up around the blogosphere and you can find some of my favourites here, here and here. Luckily for me my birthday is over Black Friday weekend so in a birthday spending spree I snapped up this pattern and various others which will make their appearance over the next few months.

Saiph Variation 2

My first version (variation 2) is my Christmas dress and despite my grand visions, it leaves a lot to be desired in fit and in execution! I bought this gorgeous blue velvet in the rag market for £5 / metre specifically for this pattern. It has the most gorgeous drape and feel and in the sunlight it virtually glows a deep blue. However in any other light it looks black. No glow. I was a little disappointed that it wouldn’t be that bright pop of colour I was envisaging, but the addition of a little black dress to ones wardrobe is no bad thing.

This gives a better idea of the colour and shows my handstitching on the hem.

This is a much better representation of the colour

I had done some reading and knew that the sizing for Papercut patterns tends to be on the large size and that certainly rings true for this dress. I decided to make a small, although my measurements put me in a medium. It was still a bit big on me and then I properly messed up the back opening as I added a lining and didn’t think it through before I attempted to sew it together. The result was ok but not beautiful so I made the decision to sew the back seam up all the way to the top (and despite the loss of about an inch here I can still get it over my head comfortably!).

Saiph Tunic velvet detail

The other thing I decided to do was lengthen the skirt (about 2″) as pretty much everyone seems to have done this to make it more like a dress. I couldn’t work out why but it just didn’t look quite right once I’d made it up. I actually ended up shortening the bodice and reattaching the skirt as this seemed to balance it out more?? This definitely needs some tweaking!

Velvet Saiph Tunic

I am pleased with the final result although it’s a bit too short for me to feel comfortable wearing it with just tights! Fine if I don’t move my arms but that’s a little hard to do with young children…. especially on Christmas day 🙂

Saiph Variation 1

My second version was my first project in January. I had booked into Guthrie and Ghani’s ‘Sew Resolutions Party’, the idea being that you bring unfinished projects and get them completed for a clean start in 2017. I rarely have unfinished projects but I knew that any opportunity to get two hours of uninterrupted sewing time with some other like minded sewists in the lovely and bright and airy studio at G&G was going to be a treat!

knit saiph tunic (variation 1)

I did make one alteration on the pattern before cutting out which was to move the darts down by about an inch. This is definitely a must as on my first attempt they were ridiculously high! I also added about an inch onto the length of the ‘skirt’ but left the bodice as it was.

Saiph Tunic material

The fabric I had picked out for this make was this gorgeous red marl sweater knit which I got on the same trip to the rag market. The pattern does say it would be ok with a stable knit – this isn’t a stable knit but never mind! I could just see it working so I took the risk. I decided to make a size small again but sew it with slightly bigger seam allowance and omit (on purpose this time!) the back centre opening.

I got most of the sewing done at G&G with only the hems to finish at home. I also got to use the overlocker which reminded me yet again of how much I want one of these….! To try and prevent the pockets from hanging open I decided to attach some clear elastic to the waist seam and ran it across the inward fold of the pockets. I think has worked pretty well and without it they would definitely droop a lot more.



I totally love this tunic have worn it loads! It’s ideal paired with leggings and boots and toasty warm. I really liked where the dropped waist seam fell on this version and if anything I shortened the hem more than the pattern had suggested meaning that this length of both bodice and skirt is pretty much as written. Sometimes it best just to go with the pattern rather than second guess it!

Saiph side view

I will definitely be making more of these and can’t wait to make my own double gauze version for the spring. Already dreaming of warmer weather!

Ciao for now.

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