King Cole

Some selfless knitting – King Cole 4087

So a quick little post today to show you all the completed jumper that I made for the husband. He’s 6ft 3″ – so finding jumpers in the shops that are long enough in the body and have long arms is a real challenge! Perfect when your wife can knit you a bespoke, custom made¬†jumper then. Hmm. He’s been asking for me to knit him a jumper since I learnt 4 years ago¬†and it’s taken me a while to comply…. I mean, knitting something so big, in a neutral colour (at his request) just wasn’t as exciting as knitting fun little things for the girls. So it’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a while. Then I stumbled across this pattern, King Cole 4087, over on Love Knitting. I really liked the shape and texture… and that its for chunky yarn!! So I promptly ordered it along with this […]

Completed King Cole 4087